Prepaid Water Meter: Model PPU Amanzi AG

The PPU Amanzi AG is an Above Ground Prepaid Water Meter. The PPU Amanzi  AG is supplied as an above ground mounted assembly. Which contains an STS compliant Water Management device and a customer interface unit or keypad.

PPU Amanzi  AG is a low-cost, intelligent, electronic control valve that is capable of controlling the flow of water to a domestic consumer at full pressure. PPU23 Amanzi  AG supports both STS and AMI credit management record.

PPU Amanzi  AG is linked to a pulse output water meter in order to enable metering measurement, leak and tamper detection. When operating in Prepayment Mode the keypad is the Customer interface unit for the prepaid water meter. The PPU23CIU is a keypad with the LCD display. The keypad communicates with the prepaid water meter using Radio Frequency and enables the consumer to load credit, monitor available credit, check meter status and battery status.

When operating in Prepayment Mode the prepaid water meter’s shut off valve will close to stop the flow of water once credit is exhausted.  The user will need to purchase additional credit to open the valve and flow of water.

PPU Amanzi AG Above Ground Prepaid Water Meter - JKNV Energy
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