Prepaid Water Meter: Model PPU AMANZI WM


The PPU AMANZI WM is a Prepaid Water Meter

PPU AMANZI WM supports both STS and AMI credit management record and has a replaceable battery pack and water management device (WMD).

The PPU Amanzi WM is a wall mounted prepaid water meter that is ideal for a rental property, complex or body corporate, that needs to sub-meter their water. Being easy to use for both tenants and property managers, saves time and worry over bills for all.

This unit is programmed to stop the flow of water once the prepaid credit is exhausted.  Water can be purchased at several convenient locations, including Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar, BP Express Shops, Unipin outlets, Easypay outlets & online, FNB, Standard, ABSA and Nedbank Internet Banking.  For information on how our prepaid vending system works click Prepaid sub meters: How it Works.

We can install more than one meter per property and tenants can buy their water almost anywhere!   This, combined with the convenience to tenants, have made us the preferred prepaid water meter suppliers of landlords and property managers across Gauteng. We offer water meters installation in Johannesburg and Pretoria from the East Rand to the West Rand.  Other areas are available on a self-install basis, we courier our prepaid water meters anywhere in South Africa.  What is the result?  Say goodbye to disputes with tenants over water consumption with these electronic prepaid water meters.  We have the water metering solutions you have been looking for.

PPU AMANZI WM is a Prepaid Water Meter - JKNV Energy

This prepaid water meter is supplied as a Wall Mounted unit.  It contains an STS compliant water management device and a user friendly keypad which has an LCD display. The keypad communicates with the meter using Radio Frequency and enables the consumer to load credit, monitor available credit, meter status and battery status.

This meter is an affordable, intelligent, electronic control valve that is capable of controlling the flow of water to a domestic consumer at full pressure. PPU Amanzi WM  supports both STS and AMI credit management record.

PPU Amanzi WM  is linked to a pulse output water meter in order to enable metering measurement, leak and tamper detection. When operating in Prepaid Mode the keypad is the Customer interface unit for the water meter.

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