JKNV Energy showroom for prepaid electricity meters

Showroom for prepaid electricity meters

JKNV Energy is proud to introduce you to our showroom.  We opened this showroom in order to offer a sales counter to our clients wishing to buy sub prepaid electricity meters and install the product themselves.  Our showroom boasts a display of prepaid meters available, for clients to easily see which type of meter will best suite their needs.

There are also several value added services available in  the showroom:

Purchase from our range of prepaid electricity meters and prepaid water meters for self installation

View our range of prepaid electricity meters and prepaid water meters on display

Discuss your requirements and get advice to find a solution tailor-made to your property

Request a quotation

Book a prepaid electricity meter installation

Complete your paperwork

Change banking details

Get statements of your meter’s sales, if you haven’t received them via e-mail

General enquiries and support

Bring in prepaid electricity meters or prepaid water meters for repair

If you prefer the face to face approach, and like dealing with people, not e-mails, our showroom is the place for you.

Our friendly staff are able to assist with explaining how our sub prepaid meters system works and the different kinds of meters available.  With our range of prepaid meters catering exclusively to the property rental industry and complexes with a bulk meter, we are ideally suited to property managers and landlords who need to split metering in order to sub meter tenants consumption. This results in us being more geared to assist landlords and tenants with their sub metering needs, resulting in less disputes over consumption and moneys collected prior to tenants using the electricity.

Showroom hours:  Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Address:  13 Foxglove Road, Primrose, Germiston

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