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Very Good, friendly and always helpful. I would like to thank all the personnel for their friendly and quick help. You are the best.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
E Nel
Thank you so much for your excellent service. I am so grateful to you for calling the tenant and organising all of that yesterday.
D Klopper
Allow me to also express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the very professional and excellent service that your company displayed.
A Makoto
Thanks for your efficiency.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
C Setlogelo
This is the only experience I have had with prepaid meters and its been pain free.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
F Ridout
5 Stars, JKNV Energy are brilliant.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
R Sing
Received professional advice and professional service from JKNV great work.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
G Swart
Hi.... I have referred some people to get their prepaid meters from you. I'm very happy with the service you give.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
A Downward
I have to mention that Kyle provides excellent and professional service and I appreciate that.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
J de Bruyn
Keep up the good service!
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
M Bilquis
Hi Nadine. Thank you for the time and effort you have spent analysing the account for me - I sincerely appreciate your efforts - service such as this is rare today! Once again, many thanks for your efforts!
K Thurtell
JKNV Energy are no fuss and professional.  Thank you for a reliable and good service.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
J Murray
Many thanks again for the great service.
W Frense
Hi Maggie.  Your guys have come and gone.  All sorted... you were excellent and helped us a lot.  Thank you.
S Wiffen
Overall Good Service.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
E Joubert
JKNV Energy's service is very good!
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
H Haefele
Thank you for your efforts and your excellent service.
V Mbatha
Thank you for the two prepaid meters that were installed last week, they are working perfectly.
N Dell
The overall service from JKNV Energy has been excellent. I would recommend them anytime. I rate the service 5.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
J Barrington
Problem free solution to my garden cottage electricity charges.
C Rocher