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JKNV Energy are very good. I did research the company, but they were still very helpful in explaining what JKNV offered.  They came, installed the prepaid meter, and it worked. What more could I ask?  Their monthly statements are arriving. I'm very satisfied with JKNV.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
M Twyford
Very Good, friendly and always helpful. I would like to thank all the personnel for their friendly and quick help. You are the best.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
E Nel
The prepaid meter installation was very good and efficient. I get monthly statements showing the usage of each meter. Over the past 7 years, all queries have been handled to my satisfaction.  I rank JKNV Energy 5.
C Ackroyd
Thank you for an excellent service over the past years. Kind regards Joan B
Joan B
Problem free solution to my garden cottage electricity charges.
C Rocher
I am really happy with our arrangement and have never had a problem. I think once I called, and you explained how it works, so you have one happy customer.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
G Vissie
JKNV Energy are no fuss and professional.  Thank you for a reliable and good service.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
J Murray
JKNV Energy's service is very good!
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
H Haefele
Thanks for your efficiency.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
C Setlogelo
Allow me to also express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the very professional and excellent service that your company displayed.
A Makoto
Hello Maggie, It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, Thank you for all your help. Be well
Hi Nadine. Thank you for the time and effort you have spent analysing the account for me - I sincerely appreciate your efforts - service such as this is rare today! Once again, many thanks for your efforts!
K Thurtell
Thank you so much for your excellent service. I am so grateful to you for calling the tenant and organising all of that yesterday.
D Klopper
A job well done!
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
H Van den Berg
Hi Maggie.  Your guys have come and gone.  All sorted... you were excellent and helped us a lot.  Thank you.
S Wiffen
The overall service from JKNV Energy has been excellent. I would recommend them anytime. I rate the service 5.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
J Barrington
Morning Nadine.  Much appreciated for your perfect explanation and putting yourself again in my shoes and providing solutions.  It’s  good to have such satisfaction and professionalism and prompt response, thank you!
C Nhlapo
Thank you for your efforts and your excellent service.
V Mbatha
Received professional advice and professional service from JKNV great work.
JKNV Energy 5-Star-Testimonials
G Swart
My initial interaction with JKNV Energy was very good, staff were friendly and always helpful.  We get our monthly statement and it is very helpful to us.  My problem was solved immediately.  I would like to thank all the personnel for their friendly and quick help.  You are the best.
E Nel