Prepaid Electricity Meters FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Prepaid Electricity Meters

Do you replace Council or Eskom electricity meters?

No we cannot replace a Council, Municipal or Eskom meter – please contact your Council, Municipality or Eskom directly to request prepaid electricity meters for your property.  (more details at the end of this article)

Can I install this meter in my own home? 

No. You are still going to receive a utility bill from the council or municipality.  If you want your electricity bill to fall away and you are the only user on the property, then contact your local municipality directly.  Our prepaid meters are prepaid sub-meters and are not a replacement for your council meter.  Ideal for multiple dwellings (flats, cottages, complexes, shops, factories etc), landlords and body corporates that want to collect electricity and water from their tenants in advance of use.

Can I install more than one meter on my property?

Yes, we can install more than one meter per property.  Our meters are installed on a sub-metering basis.  This means that your council meter or bulk meter stays in place and our prepaid meters, meters each unit or sub-unit on the property, such as cottages, flats, complexes, shops or factories.

Where can my tenants purchase electricity and water?

Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, Spar, BP Garages, FNB Atms, FNB Internet banking, Standard Bank Internet banking, ABSA Internet banking, Nedbank Internet banking, Online:  Credit Card purchases via EasyPay, Phone App: EasyPay

How do sub prepaid water meters work?

Our sub prepaid water meters work on the same basis and systems as the sub prepaid electricity meters.  Once the credit on the meter is exhausted, the flow of water stops, or allows only a trickle of water to flow.  Our water meters can either be wall mounted or in the ground, depending on how your pipes run.  We can do the installation or you can get your plumber to do the installation.

Can I buy the meters and get my own electrician or installer to install the meters?

Yes, you can purchase the prepaid electricity meters or prepaid water meters and get your own electrician or plumber to do the installation.

Do you stock prepaid meters?

Yes, we stock several single phase prepaid electricity meters and prepaid water meters.  To view our types of prepaid meters click here.

Do you stock 3 phase prepaid electricity meters?

Yes, we stock 3 phase prepaid electricity meters for domestic use (maximum current of 100A per phase).  To view our 3 phase prepaid electricity meters click here.  We are also able to supply and install 3 phase prepaid electricity meters metering up to 250A per phase, ideal for industrial consumers.  These meters are a special order, if you require one of these meters, kindly contact JKNV Energy (click here) for more information.  To view our 3 phase high current prepaid meter click here.

I have tenants and am now installing prepaid meters.  What should I do?

If you have tenants and are now installing prepaid electricity meters, all you have to do is call us to arrange purchase and/or installation, fill in your application form and give us copies of 3 months of your council bills. We can generally install within 48 hours once we have all the paperwork.  You will need to inform your tenant, so he is prepared to buy his first purchase of electricity or water.

I have new tenants.  What must I do? 

If you don’t have prepaid electricity meters yet, call us to arrange installation before the new tenant moves in.

If you already have our meter, all you have to do is give the new tenant his meter number (usually on the keypad) and tell him where to buy electricity.  If needed, you can contact JKNV Energy and we can e-mail you a copy of the vending instructions.

What rate do you set for electricity and water?

We set the rate per the council bills, so the landlord will recover his utility costs.  See our handy water and electricity calculator tool to work out how much you are paying per kL or kWh.

Is there somebody I can call for help and support?

Yes. We are available Monday – Friday between 08H00 – 16H00. New customers will receive full instruction when their prepaid electricity meters are installed. When buying electricity it is automatic (not human-operated) hence you can operate the meters 24/7/365 without any support.

What areas do you operate in?

We install prepaid electricity meters and water meters all over Johannesburg, Pretoria, Sandton, Randburg, Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Alberton, Bedfordview, Edenvale, Germiston, Kempton Park, Boksburg, Benoni, Springs, Brakpan, and Midrand in Gauteng, South Africa.  Other areas may be considered on request.

Can I still use your meters if I am outside these areas?

Yes, you may purchase our meters and we will courier them to you.  You can then get your own installer to do the prepaid meter installation.

Can I use the Easypay automated vending option if I only have one sub meter with JKNV Energy?

Yes, you can use the Easypay automated vending option (option 1 on How prepaid meters work) even if you only have one meter with us.

What happens if the municipal rate for electricity goes up? 

If electricity costs from the municipality is increased, then the new rate is updated on the system where all prepaid electricity meters are registered. Since the purchase is calculated by the system and not in the prepaid meter, any time electricity prices goes up, that the same amount of money will actually purchase fewer kilowatts.

What happens when there is a power failure? 

When there is a power failure in the area that effects the property in which the meter is installed, the meter will save information on battery. However, since no power is feeding into the prepaid electricity meter, the property will also not have electricity. Area power outage will not cause the meter to lose any account credit, as such information is stored in the utilities management system located in the host center. You will not loose the data on the meter or units on the meter, the meter does not reset.

Is the device tamper-proof?

The meter housing is fitted with seals on the inside. Should these seals be broken, the device will report tampering and will cease to function.

Will the meter affect my Geyser? 

No, the prepaid electricity meter will not affect any electrical sub-systems in the property, including the Geyser. The unit does not interfere with the power going into the electrical circuits of the property. The voltage and amperage that feeds into the meter are at the exact same levels when the feed out of the meter. The meter only governs the consumption of electricity in accordance with the set prepaid limit or credit available. When these are exceeded, the unit just breaks the circuit until such time as the electricity consumed is paid for. The worst that can happen is that there will be no hot water in the event that the meter stops feeding electricity to the electric circuits.

Where is the prepaid electricity meter installed?

The prepaid electricity meters are wall mounted, usually next to the main distribution board inside the dwelling. The meter is connected in series in the main electricity circuit before the main circuit breaker, located on the distribution board. If you do not have a Db board you can contact your electrician to have one fitted. If you need meters for rooms (where you won’t normally have Db boards) the best product will be the BEC 23 PE split meter. There may be rewiring required, contact your electrician for assistance with rewiring.

How does it work?

For more information on how it works or if your question was not answered here, please go our page:  How prepaid sub meters work (Click here)

What prepaid electricity meter do I need?

To view our range of prepaid electricity meters click here.  To view our prepaid water meters click here.  To get advice from us on what meter may best suite your requirements contact JKNV Energy click here.

Who do I contact if I want an Eskom or Council prepaid electricity meter?

You need to contact whomever bills you for electricity.  Eg if you get an electricity bill from Eskom, contact Eskom, or if you get an electricity bill from your local municipality, contact them.  We have gathered some useful links that may assist in your search.

In most cases, the owner needs to go into their offices, take your utilities bill and ID with you, complete an application form, and pay for the meter.  It may require more than one visit.


City of Johannesburg

Contact details: City Power prepaid electricity meter queries call 011 490 484;

Unfortunately neither link above from City of Johannesburg is useful.  We found this below which may be accurate.!/blog/posts/Go-Pre-Paid-Electricity–save-over-R5000-a-year-City-Power-Customers—Johannesburg/2

City of Ekurhuleni:

City of Tshwane:

City of Cape Town

Durban / Ethekwini Municipality

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All our products are installed on a sub-metering basis. Ideal for landlords, body corporates and property managers who wish to collect electricity money from their tenants in advance of consumption


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