Sub-Metering Markets

The property sector is large and varied in its different functions and uses. JKNV Energy provides sub-metering solutions to a wide range of property types that require greater control and reduced risk of nasty surprises when it comes to utilities.

The needs of different property types can vary a lot, both from the point of view of the prepaid metering product required as well as installation requirements.

For this reason JKNV Energy offers sub-metering products and services that can be tailored to the needs of each client. We have many years of experience installing many different sub-metering devices as well as in-depth knowledge of each prepaid meter. 

Finding a suitable prepaid meter with expert installation has never been easier. Carrying stock of prepaid meters, means that clients can be serviced quickly and efficiently. No more long waiting periods for installations to occur.

Here are some of the property sectors that can benefit from sub-metering.

Sub-Metering Markets - JKNV Energy Prepaid Metering Experts

Residential Estates, Complexes, Flats and Apartments

Residential complexes and similar dwellings are now commonplace. Managing utilities bills for many living units is time consuming and comes with the risks of over consumption, bill disputes and non-payment of bills.

By switching to a sub-metering system whereby prepaid meters are installed, the admin headaches and risks are greatly reduced. Not only that but tenants or owners of individual units gain greater transparency into their usage and can control what they spend more easily.

There are many prepaid metering devices that are well suited to these types of properties and with expert installation offered making the switch need not be complicated, or time consuming.

Commercial Estates

Commercial estates and buildings, whether tenanted or sectional titled, can benefit from sub-metering solutions.

While typically commercial estates and office buildings measure utilities using a main bulk meter, in some cases, such as where the building is managed by a Body Corporate on behalf of sectional title owners, the separation of consumption, for accurate billing is needed, for each occupant or tenant.

Thus, the installation of sub-metering devices is important so that low consumption owners or tenants are not subsidising high consumption owners or tenants.

Shopping Centres

Similar to commercial estates, shopping centres are typically owned by a single company or investment firm. While this means utilities are most often measured using a main bulk metering system, it does not mean there are no advantages to using sub-metering systems.

Allowing individual tenants to manage their own usage can significantly reduce admin and also lower overconsumption. It is therefore worth exploring the sub-metering options with an expert prepaid metering company.

Industrial Parks

Industrial parks can include single owners as well as sectional and full title owners who rent their units out to tenants.

The benefits of sub-metering industrial estates and units are much the same as found when sub-metering commercial estates or shopping centres.

There are specialised prepaid meters designed for industrial and commercial applications and these can be purchased with or without professional installation.


Outbuildings are very common in most suburbs in Gauteng and across South Africa. Outbuildings serve many different purposes but are commonly used to provide accommodation.

For anyone with an existing outbuilding who is looking to generate a rental income or a property owner who wants to convert an existing outbuilding into accommodation, for example a granny flat, sub-metering is a great way to control electricity and water costs.

Prepaid electricity and water meters allow your tenants to control their own spend each month. This removes the risk of tenants running up large bills that you as a property owner are then responsible for.

Hospitality Accommodation

Hospitality accommodations can also benefit from sub-metering solutions. In a case where you wish to separate the utilities costs from your nightly rates, the installation of a prepaid meter can make management a lot easier.

For longer term rentals of bed & breakfast facilities, motels, serviced apartments, inns, etc. moving to a sub-metering system can lower your risk and allow you to better manage utilities and control your running costs..

Student Accommodation

The student accommodation market has grown significantly in recent years and thus the need to manage utilities smartly.

Opting for sub-metering is the best way to maintain control, have transparency in usage and avoid the risk of utility bills spiralling out of control. 

Whether you manage large student accommodation complexes or smaller student accommodations installing prepaid meters to control electricity and or water consumption is a smart move.

Staff Accommodation

In some industries, such as mining, construction, farming, and others, staff accommodation is often required. This accommodation may be permanent or semi-permanent in nature. 

Where such staff accommodation is needed for extended periods and utilities are required, the installation of sub-metering devices is an excellent way to control and manage the utilities.

Sub-metering solutions reduce admin needs and eliminate the risk of over usage.

Sporting Facilities

An often overlooked property type that can benefit from sub-metering solutions are sporting facilities. Multi-use facilities are often leased to tenants who offer a particular sporting discipline such as squash, indoor cricket, racket ball and other sports.

Allowing these tenants to control their own consumption and spend allows owners and managing agents to reduce admin and eliminate nasty billing surprises.

Camping & Caravanning Facilities

There are many camping and caravanning destinations throughout South Africa. Where visitors tend to have extended stays, the use of sub-metering devices may prove useful for better managing consumption and costs.

Like other hospitality companies, the separation of nightly rates from utilities may be desirable in many cases.

Self-Storage Parks

Last but not least, sub-metering also has a place in some self-storage facilities. While the use of sub-metering devices may not be common in such facilities, where customer needs may require some access to utilities, prepaid meters may be a good option.

As you can see, prepaid metering can be beneficial to a wide range of property markets. 

If you are a landlord, property owner of any property type whether full or sectional title or you are a Body Corporate or a property management agent and you would like to explore the sub-metering options available to you then feel free to get in touch with JKNV Energy.

JKNV Energy are professional installers and suppliers of prepaid metering solutions to a wide range of property markets.

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