Utilities Management for Property Management Agents

Are you a Property Management Agent? Unlock the Benefits of Smarter Management of Tenant Utilities

Managing rental payments from multiple tenants can be challenging, even more so when it comes to utility payments being late or rentals being in arrears. You know how disruptive late payments and non-payments can be, not to mention the annoyance suffered by your clients, the property owners.

JKNV Energy can help you take control of utility payments and even make the collection of rental arrears simpler. We offer a wide range of prepayment metering products suitable for any property type. Our services also include expert installation and multiple vending solutions. You can choose if you want to install the system for all tenants or just the problem tenants. We can install from one to hundreds of prepaid meters as needed, and still be on the user friendly EasyPay vending platform, or whichever vending solution you choose. In this way, your prepaid meter solution is tailor-made to suite your needs.

Unfortunately many previously model tenants have become problem tenants with our current economic challenges. Prepaid meters can help you keep your property portfolio on the right track, in mitigating the losses from utilities non-payment, and collecting arrears.

If you are looking to reduce your administration and impress your clients with swifter management of utilities and rental arrears then we can help you.

Utilities Management for Property Management Agents

Prepayment Solution Benefits for Property Management Agents

  • Streamline the utility collection process and save on admin time.
  • Collect arrears payments through prepaid devices.
  • Select from a wide range of prepaid meter options.
  • Install from one prepaid meter or do the entire complex.
  • Enjoy expert advice when choosing prepaid meters and benefit from professional installation.
  • Select the right vending option for your needs and make utility payments simpler for yourself and the tenants.
  • Collect utility fees in your bank account before they need to be paid through the use of our vending solutions.
  • Stay up to date with utility payments and usage through monthly transaction statements.

Explore Some of Our Featured Residential Meters

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ON SPECIAL (Installation Included)


The Hexing HXE115-KP are single-phase, domestic electricity prepaid meters, designed for reliability, accuracy, and ease of use.

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