Are you a landlord, body corporate or property manager? Do you need to collect payments in advance of use? Installing prepaid meters will make your life easier! Managing water and electricity consumption has never been easier.

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Hexing HXE115 KP Electricity Prepaid Meter

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Model HXE115-KP – Electricity Prepaid Meter Now from R 1350.00 Fully Installed! Ts & Cs Apply


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More about JKNV Energy’s Prepaid Meters & Metering Solutions

Offering prepaid electricity meters, water meters and vending solutions across Gauteng

JKNV Energy is a leading prepaid metering and prepaid meter supplier in Johannesburg and throughout Gauteng, providing reliable and efficient energy solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

As a company committed to customer satisfaction, JKNV Energy offers a wide range of prepaid metering products and services, including installation, maintenance, and support.

Our prepaid metering solutions not only help consumers control their energy usage, but also allow landlords to easily collect utilities payments.

With years of experience in the industry, JKNV Energy has established an excellent track record in delivering high-quality prepaid meters and exceptional customer services.

It’s no surprise that JKNV Energy is one of the top prepaid metering and prepaid meter suppliers in Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg, Roodepoort, Edenvale and surrounding areas.

Prepaid meters offer several benefits for residential clients. Firstly, they allow clients to better control their electricity usage and therefore, their costs.

Clients can monitor their usage in real-time and adjust their behavior accordingly. Secondly, prepaid meters eliminate the need for estimated billing and resolve disputes over inaccurate readings.

Clients pay for exactly the amount of electricity they use, making billing more accurate and transparent.

Thirdly, prepaid meters eliminate the worry of disconnection due to unpaid bills, as clients can easily top-up their meters at their convenience. This is especially beneficial for low-income households who may struggle to pay their bills on time.

Finally, prepaid meters promote energy conservation and sustainability, as clients are encouraged to be mindful of their usage and reduce their overall consumption.

Prepaid meters offer numerous benefits for landlords, industrial and commercial clients.

First and foremost, they allow for greater control over energy consumption and costs. With prepaid meters, tenants can monitor their energy usage as it is being used, and adjust their behavior accordingly to keep costs down.

In addition, prepaid meters provide greater convenience, allowing tenants to purchase electricity or water credits online or at convenient retail locations. This saves time and energy that would normally be spent on collecting and processing bills.

Prepaid meters also help with budgeting, as tenants can set limits on their energy usage and funds.

Overall, prepaid meters are a effective tool for landlords, industrial and commercial clients looking to save money, manage energy usage, and streamline their operations and utilities collections.

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