Prepaid Meters in Roodepoort

Are you looking for Prepaid Meters in Roodepoort? If you are a landlord, or property management agent in need of streamlining your management of electricity or water then get in touch with JKNV Energy.

JKNV has been installing a wide range of quality private prepaid electricity and water meters for clients in Roodepoort for many years.

We offer a great range of prepaid electricity meters and water meters. We also offer a professional installation service for all our meters whether you need one meter or hundreds. For prepaid meters in Roodepoort and most surrounding areas look no further than us.

Why Install Prepaid Meters in Roodepoort?

Roodepoort covers a large part of the West Rand area of Gauteng with a mix of residential, commercial and industrial zones. With a wide range of suburbs consisting of free standing houses, estates and complexes, Roodepoort is a popular place to live and work. Whether you wish to better manage your electricity consumption or make administering the utility bills of your tenants easier, prepaid meters are the ideal solution.

With prepaid metering you no longer have to worry about unpaid utilities bills. Prepaid meters allow your tenants to pay for water or electricity before consumption and thus there are no surprise bills at the end of the month. Your tenants can purchase electricity or water conveniently from many vendors such as banks, shops or even online.

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The Right Prepaid Electricity Meters for Roodepoort Landlords

Single phase electricity meters are the most common ones used in Roodepoort. This means that most prepaid electricity meters are inexpensive. Three phase meters are more expensive and are better suited to commercial and industrial applications.

There are people who will try to cheat and avoid paying for what they have used. For this reason it is important that prepaid meters are tamper resistant.

It is vital that you get the right prepaid meter for your property type. You need to balance cost but you also need to make sure your meter is of good quality and suitable for your needs. JKNV Energy can help guide you through the process and will ensure you get the right meter for your needs.

As one of the most experienced prepaid meter installation companies in Roodepoort, JKNV Energy will also ensure your prepaid electricity and water meters are correctly installed so that you have peace of mind knowing that everything just works.

Our vending platform makes managing the collection of utilities super easy and we offer the friendliest support service around.

Prepaid Metering Solutions in Roodepoort and Surrounds

Are you looking for a specific prepaid metering solution for your Roodepoort based rental property? We offer SUB prepaid meter solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We offer prepaid SUB meter solutions, and cannot offer Council prepaid meters. Please read these articles for more information.

Private Prepaid Meters

If you are not sure if you need a council prepaid meter or private prepaid meter or sub prepaid meter.

Prepayment Management for Complexes and Body Corporates

If you are part of a Roodepoort based body corporate and need smarter management of complex and residential estate utilities.

Prepayment Solutions for Landlords & Property Investors

JKNV Energy provides custom solutions to Roodepoort landlords and property investors who are looking to reduce the risks and administration needs associated with their properties. 

Utilities Management for Property Management Agents

JKNV Energy can help you take control of utility payments and even make the collection of rental arrears simpler. We offer a wide range of prepayment metering products suitable for any Roodepoort property type.

Prepayment Solutions for Industrial Parks & Office Parks

Industrial and office parks are similar to complexes in that there is a need to separate usage and payment from one unit to the next and more efficiently manage billing.

Prepaid Metering Solutions for Property Developers

When developing a new complex or housing estate you get to choose how utilities are going to be managed in the future. It is important to consider how unit owners, tenants, body corporates and rental agents are going to manage water and electricity consumption.

Would you like to learn more about Prepaid Meters?

Here are some resources worth exploring when it comes to prepaid meters for both water and electricity.

Please get in touch with JKNV Energy should you require any assistance with our products. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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