Privacy Policy

1. Personal Identifiable Information:

Personal Identifiable information constitutes names, surname, ID number, Company/business names, registration number, VAT no, physical address, postal address, email addresses, landline/fax/cellular numbers, bank account and or credit card details.


2. Use of Personal Identifiable Information by JKNV Energy: 

JKNV Energy uses personal identifiable information only insofar as it pertains to products and services rendered at the request of clients and only as necessary to reasonably carry out business for clients and/or on their behalf.

JKNV Energy does not distribute/sell or give out any personal identifiable information except when required to do so in compliance with domestic or international law.


Website Visitors: 

We do not collect personal identifiable information from web visitors except where such web visitors voluntarily supply us with such information through the use of an online form, subscription or e-mail.

We do collect non-identifiable information from visitors for use in generating statistics and improving our website and its functionality. Non-identifiable information is used internally and not shared with third parties except where such information may have been collected by a third party on our behalf as is the case with third party software programs/application used/supplied by companies such as Google.

The following South African Laws – Electronic Communications Act, Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act and Protection of Personal Information Bill protect personal information. JKNV Energy takes every reasonable step in accordance with the laws to ensure clients’ personal privacy and cannot be held responsible for unauthorized/unlawful disclosure of personal identifiable information.



If you subscribe to one of our mailing lists you will only receive content related to that list. We will never ever SPAM you.

If you have been a JKNV Energy client within a two year period we may occasionally send you special offers or content we feel may interest you or benefit your business.

All our e-mails (except project correspondence) have on-click permanent unsubscribe links as well as a link to manage your subscription. Once your e-mail address has been removed from one of our lists it cannot be added to that list ever again ever again, if you change your mind you will need to use a different e-mail address.


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