Conlog BEC44 PL Split (Wired) Prepaid Meter

BEC44 PL Split (Wired) Prepaid Meters are single phase spilt configuration

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BEC44 PL Split (Wired) Prepaid Meters are single phase spilt configuration, Class 2, electricity prepaid meters that are designed for maximum security against fraud, whilst still retaining customer convenience.

Prepaid Meters Features

  • Reverse energy detection
  • Intelligent commissioning procedure
  • Ability to display the last ten meter specific tokens and the credit transfer amounts
  • Programmable overload
  • Low base current measurement
  • Industry standard din rail mounting
  • Calibration retained over life of meter
  • Transformer less power supply for improved reliability
  • High level of lighting and surge protection
  • Tactile feedback numeric keypad
  • STS compliant encryption
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 2000 and ISO 14001 standards

Full Description of this Prepaid Meter

The BEC44 PL is single phase spilt configuration, Class 2, prepayment electricity meter that is designed for maximum security against fraud, whilst still retaining customer convenience. The small footprint of this DIN rail mount meter allows the installation of multiple in the enclosure, resulting in a cost saving for the utility.

The spilt meter is unique in that it separates the User Interface Unit (UIU) from the Measurement and Control Unit (MCU). This allows utilities to mount the MCU in a location where it is readily accessible, while the UIU is installed at a point of convenience within the customers premises. The UIU draws its power from the MCU via the current loop communication.

Measurement and Control Unit ( MCU)

The MCU contains the measurement and control circuits. This includes the power supply , reset circuit, latch driver, voltage and current sensing circuits, A non volatile memory and a disconnection switch rated at 100 amps.

User Interface Unit (UIU)

The UIU provides the user with a convenient interface to the remote MCU. A user friendly interface is ensured through the numeric keypad. Secure data transfer takes place via an encryption algorithm included within the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) and all correctly entered tokens are registered, eliminating token fraud.

Reliability and durability are enhanced as the active unit is completely sealed and all printed circuit boards are conformal coated, providing complete protection against insect, dust and humidity.

A 5KA/5kv surge arrestor provides protection against lightning and voltage surges and meter can withstand 420 volts for a period of 48 hours.

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