Conlog wBEC Nano Wireless Prepaid Meter

The new Conlog wBEC Nano Wireless Prepaid Meter range provides a high quality, low cost solution.

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The new Conlog wBEC Nano Wireless Prepaid Meter range provides a high quality, low cost solution. The compact 3 terminal DIN rail bottom entry meter is packed with features to enhance customer satisfaction, whilst providing the valuable data needed by property managers.

The installation is termed “split” or “split metering”, as the metering device is separated from the keypad. The meter is housed outside the consumer’s premises, for example in a metering kiosk or metering chamber. The consumer is provided with the wireless keypad with which to enter tokens and check consumption and units remaining.

The BEC Nano range has been designed to set a new bench mark for robustness & reliability in the RF (radio frequency) electricity metering market. The radio frequency is what provides superior communication options in the wireless range. This and other meters offering RF communication are replacing the PLC (power line communication) meters, which are being phased out. The manufacturer is no longer producing PLC meters.

The design principles and highest quality materials, ensure that the range will meet and exceed the requirements of a customer that seeks an efficient, and cost effective solution for today and tomorrow.

If you are looking for a robust, reliable Radio Frequency Communication metering solution, the BEC NANO is the meter you need.

Enhanced security & protection features

  • Remote and manual disconnect/reconnect
  • Management of unpaid accounts
  • Activate and test meter disconnection device

Token Entry lockout

  • Protection against fraudulent token attacks

Delayed reconnection

  • In rush current protection of utility assets
  • Protects appliances from surge due to load
  • shedding


  • Active power measurement
  • Power overload protection
  • Current overload protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Maximum current: 60 Amps
  • Configurable tamper detection
  • Pre-paid and Post-paid mode
  • Under and over voltage protection
  • Reverse line/load protection
  • Configurable low credit alarm threshold
  • Operates in extreme supply conditions
  • STS compliant
  • Easy installation, with no comms cable needed
  • Superior communication between meter and keypad via radio frequency
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