Best Prepaid Electricity Meters for Tenants

Best Prepaid Electricity Meters for Tenants

What is the best prepaid electricity meter for you and your tenants’ needs?

When it comes to choosing the best prepaid electricity meters there are many options and many things to consider.

Prepaid Meter Benefits for Landlords & Property Managers

Tenants Pay Upfront

A common headache of many Landlords is having tenants who fall behind in payments. This then leads to water and electricity account arrears stacking up and landlords having to deal with it.

When tenants pay upfront for their water and/or electricity it makes being a landlord that much easier as chasing up utility payments is eliminated.

Reduced Administration

Besides the additional work of chasing tenants for payment, the installation of prepaid meters reduces the amount of administration landlords and property manager needs to do. 

Greater Control and Transparency

Prepaid electricity meters and water meters give greater control and transparency to landlords, property managers and also tenants.

Prepaid Meter Benefits for Tenants

Control the Cost of Electricity

One of the main benefits for tenants in using prepaid electricity meters is that they can track their electricity consumption.

This gives them insight into how they use electricity and gives them the opportunity to better control their electricity consumption. 

Additionally, there is no large bill shock at the end of the month and tenants won’t find themselves with a huge arrears bill that seems too overwhelming to handle.

Easy to Purchase

Electricity is incredibly easy to purchase. There are numerous outlets that one can purchase from. It is as easy as buying groceries and can be done at the same time as most of the large retailers, from Pick n Pay to Spar and Checkers sell electricity.

Other electricity purchase points include most of the major petrol station chains and banks.

Choosing the Best Prepaid Meter for Your Needs

Type of Meter

There are many types of prepaid electricity meters and each type is suitable for different applications. The best prepaid electricity meter for you tenants depends on your tenant’s needs as well as the property type they will be occupying.

A garden cottage or townhouse development will have different needs from commercial properties like offices or industrial buildings like warehouses.

Some typical differences in prepaid meters include the following:

  • Single Phase or Three Phase Distribution Boards
  • Wired User Interface or Split Wireless User Interface
  • High Load Capacity Prepaid Meters

Typically, a prepaid meter for a residential tenant will be a single-phase meter and require a lower cost of investment. An industrial property tenant may need a three-phase high load capacity meter.

Ultimately, it is best to speak to a professional prepaid metering company in order to ascertain what meter would be the most ideal for you and your tenant’s needs.

Cost of Prepaid Meter & Installation Costs

The cost of buying and installing prepaid meters can vary a lot.

As discussed above, the type of meters needed will vary and this naturally affects the cost. The cost of installation can also vary depending on the type of meter and the type of property. Additionally, the volume of meters being purchased and installed will affect the cost. Typically, the purchase and installation of many meters will allow for lower costs per meter.

Other costs that should be considered is the cost of use. Most meters require limited maintenance during their lifespan. However, maintenance can vary depending on the meter as well as how they are handled.

Be sure to speak to your metering company about maintenance requirements for the meters you are looking at purchasing and if a maintenance plan will be required or not.

Prepaid Meter Maintenance & Security

We’ve already touched on prepaid meter maintenance, however, security is perhaps more important. Most meters are fairly robust and when used correctly and installed professionally they should not give too many issues.

The most common issue one might face is meter tampering. This is where the tenant or another party uses a meter incorrectly or tries to ‘cheat’ the metering.

Attempts to modify or change how a meter works will lead to damage and require maintenance or replacement. A good way to help prevent this is to invest in a prepaid meter that ideally has tamper detection.

Some Popular Prepaid Meters

Among JKNV Energy’s most popular meters is the BEC23PL single-phase prepaid electricity meter. This is an excellent meter for residential use and is also quite affordable. This is an ideal meter for landlords and has built-in tamper detection despite its affordability.

This meter is also perfect for metering entire complexes and making life easier for body corporates and property managers as well as landlords and tenants.

Another popular meter is the Cashpower Three Phase prepaid electricity meter. This meter is suitable for both residential, commercial and light industrial applications. It is a feature-rich meter and is competitively priced.

For more information about the best prepaid electricity for you and your tenants please get in touch with JKNV Energy today.

JKNV Energy is a professional prepaid metering company with many years of experience in both prepaid meter sales and installation.

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