Prepaid Meters for Business Parks, Retail Centres, Factories & Complexes

Why prepaid meters make property management so much simpler.

Why prepaid meters for business parks, retail centres, factories and complexes makes sense.

Are you tired of dealing with late or non-payment of utilities from your tenants? How much additional administration do you have to deal with because your tenants have not paid their water or electricity bills?

Improve Cash-Flow & Save Money

When installing prepaid meters in a business park, retail environments, factories or complexes a number of benefits are instantly unlocked. There are in fact benefits for both the property managers and landlords as well as tenants.

From a tenant perspective, benefits include knowing how much water and electricity their operations actually use. This then allows for both budgeting and the implementation of cost-saving measures such as the installation of electricity-saving light bulbs.

Prepaid Meters for Business Parks, Retail Centres, Factories & Complexes

For property managers and landlords, installing prepaid meters for business park and retail centre portfolios has the following positive impacts:

  1. Electricity or water usage is paid upfront by the tenants.
  2. Tenants don’t get surprised by bills at the end of the month.
  3. Tenant queries and disagreements regarding usage are eliminated.
  4. Reduced administration as utility accounts no longer need to be delivered to tenants.
  5. No more need to stress about collecting utility monies.
  6. Property managers and landlords no longer need to worry about municipal arrears.
  7. Each tenant can have a prepaid meter so no more unfair dividing of the bill among tenants.
  8. Property managers, landlords, and tenants gain greater control as well as transparency regarding usage and cost.
  9. Prepaid meters pay for themselves with the reduction in admin, payment collections, meter reading, legal action etc.

The above benefits apply equally to property managers, landlords and body corporates of complexes and housing estates.

But Wait, There Are Even More Benefits to Installing Prepaid Meters in Residential Estates…

Many complexes and residential estates have communal areas such as clubhouses and swimming facilities. Most office parks also have communal costs, such as communal lighting, electric fencing, guard houses and entry booms or gates.

Using our prepaid meters, a monthly fixed fee for communal areas can be implemented, so even this is solved.

Another benefit is that external meter reading companies no longer need to be contracted and thus money is saved.

The fact is, installing prepaid meters for business parks, residential estates, retail developments and a variety of other multi-tenanted commercial ventures just makes sense. The number of pros certainly outweighs any cons.

JKNV Energy is One of the Top Suppliers of Prepaid Meters for Business Parks & Retail Centres, Flats, Factories and Complexes

Get in touch for more information about our prepaid metering solutions for your commercial needs. We can answer any questions you may have and provide expert guidance.

JKNV Energy is a professional prepaid metering company with many years of experience in both prepaid meter sales and installation.

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