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Electricity in South Africa – 4 Must-Read CSIR Reports

What does the future hold for Electricity in South Africa? What is the economic impact? 

Electricity in South Africa is in Crisis. We hear about load shedding so often in the media, in conversations, and experience it so often that it is hardly surprising anymore.

That said, what most of us hear or know about load shedding and the electricity situation in this country is just surface information.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the below questions?

  • So what does the future hold for electricity in South Africa? 
  • What will happen in two years time? 
  • What will happen in twenty years time?
  • How will future demand for electricity impact us?
  • What is actually being done to handle the electricity crisis?

We’ve listed four CSIR electricity reports discussing electricity in South Africa and the electricity crisis in terms of its impact and what needs to be done to solve the load shedding problems we are currently suffering through.

Electricity in South Africa - 4 Must-Read CSIR Reports

Setting up for the 2020s Addressing South Africa’s electricity crisis and getting ready for the next decade – January 2020

We are not going to try to unpack and summarize this 63-page electricity crisis report by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Suffice it to say this is an in-depth report with excellent visuals and graphs to get a deep understanding of electricity issues in South Africa.

To get all the report details you can download this CSIR report here:


Setting up for the 2020s Addressing South Africa’s electricity crisis and getting ready for the next decade

CSIR Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy – 21 August 2019

In August 2019, the CSIR published a presentation for the Portfolio Committee. 

The presentation focused on Mineral Resources

and Energy with regards to energy systems, the transition from coal to renewables, and the resulting opportunities.

This presentation features many visuals and graphs and makes for some interesting reading.

You can find a link to the full report below:


CSIR presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy

Economic Impacts of South Africa’s Energy Mix – 16 April 2018

Another interesting report from the CSIR. This report discusses renewable energy and also gives insights on how Africa and South Africa, compare globally when it comes to renewable energy.

As with the other electricity reports from the CSIR, there are many good quality graphs and visuals to help you make sense of all the data.

You can download the full report below:


Economic impacts of South Africa’s energy mix

Forecasts for Electricity Demand in South Africa 2017 – 2050 – May 2017

Last but not least, if you would like to continue digging deep into data then you may find this CSIR prepared report interesting. This is the most ‘text-heavy’ report of those listed in this article but if you have the time then it may be worth the read.

This report discusses electricity demand in some detail with a number of graphs and plenty of detailed commentaries.

Electricity demand growth forecasts have been worked out for five varying scenarios utilising a number of ‘driver values’ such as GDP growth, population growth and more.


Forecasts for electricity demand in South Africa (2017 – 2050) using the CSIR sectoral regression model

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